[Codewired, Inc. is a New York based progressive independent software venture and consulting startup primarily focusing on creating, extending and maintaining both legacy and modern enterprise software solutions for large, small and medium scale businesses. Our industries & Sectors Include; Banking & Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Energy, Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Healthcare, Education, E-commerce & Utility, Brick & Mortar.]

{At Codewired Inc. we develop, cascade and enforce engineering best practices using modern SDLC that enables CI/CD and favors automation, auditability, automated testing, infrastructure and policy as code. We also develop and advocate for new cloud native solutions to undefined system needs, where no solution is available within the technical community while providing technical leadership in the design of highly complex cloud systems. Finally we provide developer-friendly cloud onboarding, account creation and management for supported cloud providers and integrate cloud network services to enable a fast and resilient hybrid cloud with built in security capabilities.}

  • Dotnet Core, Dotnet Framework, Dotnet Standard (C-Sharp)
  • Node.js (Adonis, Sails, Nest, Express)
  • JavaScript, Typescript, ECMAScript, Web Assembly
  • Vue, Angular, React, Polymer
  • Python (Web, AI Programming, Automation)
  • Dart (Flutter Cross Platform Mobile Apps)
  • Rust (Blockchain Development)
  • Xamarin (iOS and Android)
  • GoLang & Groovy (Web and Scripting)
  • Azure PowerShell, PowerShell Core & Bash Shell Scripting (VMs, Containers & Agents)
  • Java & Kotlin (Android Native)
  • IoT, Blockchain, AI & Big Data Engineer
  • DevOps, Ansible, Jenkins, TeamCity, Chef, Puppet
  • Azure, GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode
  • Data Engineering, Data Science, Natural Language Processing
  • Hybrid Cloud Native Architect and Site Reliability Engineer
  • Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Podman and Buildah

Online & In-Person Code Mentoring

We are innovating differently as the true software mentoring academy that focuses on equipping — Fresh newbies, Intermediate and advanced professionals with top notch vital information and coding skills to work in any industrial sector. We have a curriculum that fits everyone and we strive to maintain a distinguished and innovative syllabus for the top programming languages we work with : ASP.NET (C#), Python, JavaScript, Typescript, GoLang, Dart, GraphQL, SQL and NoSQL. Application to our second cohort is now on and Fresh Newbies accepted into the second batch will get a lot of freebies and also guaranteed to land their first professional job as Intermediate Software developers in 12 weeks, Zero To Mastery!

We are finally kicking off our professional trainings with theMicrosoft Certified Solutions Developer Track Start Your Journey↗

Consultancy Services
Microsoft Trainings Has kicked Off!

We coach and mentor young and advanced professionals from ground up to become globally employable and sort after full stack web & Mobile developers. Our founding engineers started their software development careers by building traditional websites with slow technology as early as 2002. Building software the hard and ugly way and eventually unlearning and learning how to do things the right way has made them greatly knowledgable and every scholar that gets accepted into Codewired, Inc's academy will stand out from the crowd!

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What You Will Learn Here!

Our beginner's coding and mentoring program is a full stack Web & Mobile development twelve weeks program, where you will also Learn a whole lot more about modern programing technics and concepts like; command line (CLI) tooling, efficient programming technics, secure coding, security best practices, algorithms and data-structures as well as professional interview preparation, guidance and counselling. Our intermediate and advanced programs are second to none. We show developers how to use the technologies they love in a better and more efficient way with open source tools that matter!

Beginner/Newbie Program

We will teach you modern day full-stack web development and front end tooling using latest Javascript front and back end frameworks. We use tools like : Nwrl & Dojo for Angular and ReactJS, Vue.js, Ember.js and backbone.js. On the server side we use frameworks like Next.js, Sails.js & Meteor to develop Node.js based apps on microsoft Azure platform, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platfrom plus Firebase. We will also teach how to work with Transactional and NoSQL databases from scratch and how to design and develop secure server side APIs with ASP.Net (C#), Node.js and Python with ORM and ODM Database connectivity tools. Lastly we will introduce GraphQL and mentor how to work in a diverse and globally distributed high perfomance Agile team at scale.

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Intermediate Full-stack Programs

We have accelerated programs for intermediate software engineers who are looking to make the leap to becoming experts with the tools they use. We teach and mentor scholars with advance programming technics and patterns using certified frameworks with all the stacks we offer. Advanced JavaScript core language features like: Types & Coercion, scope & closures, new JavaScript language features like: destructuring, iterators, generators, template literals, regex improvements and Async & Await, Functional JavaScript technics like : Higher Order Functions, Callbacks and other cool stuff. Intermediate Python concepts like : Comprehensions, OOP, Exceptions, Libraries & Modules, Testing and Web Frameworks. We also step up ASP.NET web development with latest features of C# and .Net Core. Futhermore, we delve dep into building and consuming API's with SOAP, Rest & GraphQL. Finally we introduce distrubuted team management and cutting edge tools lead developers use to manage diverse teams.

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Mentoring for Advanced Coders

We stick with the latest technolgies and platform tools and we keep advancing and learning first hand from the inventors of these platforms. This gives us the edge to mentor advanced professionals. Our consultants attend and speak globally at software events that matter and they also lead Agile software teams at scale in fortune 100/500 companies in United States of America. We love to mentor advanced software engineers in developing countries to prepare them for working with companies in the United States. Our consultants have hands on experience in different full stack technologies and have worked in high performing enterprise teams that built out robust, mission critical applications. Did you know that only a hand full of senior developers know the proper way to install and manage various versions of Node and Python? Lastly we will introduce SAFe® 5 fundamental technics that help develop Lean Agile transformation skillsets that are in demand world wide.

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  • Image “Codewired, Inc. and their partners are doing great innovative work by giving beginners and newbies the edge by compressing 15 years of software develpment and operations experience into a 12 week program ”
    Kerry D
  • Image “At the end of the day it boils down to what skill a youth has to make them compete and become employable in an ever changing and diverse technology space. Codewired, Inc. will create that platform that will spring up stars from the minorities in the society”
    Founder —
Safe Certified

Our consultants are certified expert level professionals with hands-on experience in software engineering, DevOps and leading distributed Agile teams at scale!